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Fun Food Friday – Sweet Potatoes

Fun food Friday is back! This Friday we will have sweet potato tater tots.

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Bullying can affect people so much that they can go up to commit suicide. It’s proved that over fourteen percent of students consider committing suicide and seven percent actually commit suicide because of bullying.

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How Healthy Foods Affect You and Why Are They Needed

How do healthy foods affect you? Well in many ways, healthy foods help supply energy for every single action we perform, from writing an essay to going to your sport practice.

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A Giving Guide #1

Welcome to the 1st A Giving Guide of the year!¬† Today I will talk about Stand Up For Kids, a charity right here in San Antonio. Stand Up for Kids’s mission is to help at risk and homeless¬†children and teen-agers.¬† If someone is 21 or younger, then they will be helped by Stand Up for […]

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Exercise and Its Importance

Exercise is important – why not learn about it?

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Bad Memory?

Do you have bad memory? Well, not to worry, because there are things that you can do to help.

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