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Hispanic Heritage Month

Learn what hispanic heritage month is about…

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Bad Memory?

Do you have bad memory? Well, not to worry, because there are things that you can do to help.

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Al-Qeada Hit Hard

The U.S. is beginning to take control over the terrorist group known as the Al-Qeada. The Al-Qaeda tried to attack a few times since the death of their leader, but they have only been small attacks, and they have all failed.

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Unusual & Unique News

You might have been to the battle of Flowers Festival, but I doubt you have been to a festival like these two: The Fireball Festival in El Salvador and the Fireball Festival in Thailand.

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U.S. Satellite coming down early

Parts of a giant U.S. satellite are to plummet to Earth around September 23, a day earlier than what was expected. The Scientific American reports that the object the size of a small bus is set to plunge to Earth somewhere between Thursday and Saturday. The chances of the satellite hitting someone is approximately 3200 – 1 . These chances […]

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Libya’s Struggle Almost Over!

A civil war broke out in Libya when simple protests were met with military force on February 15, 2011. Since then Muammar Gaddafi has been trying to eliminate all traces of rebellion against his 42 year rule over Libya.

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