New Movies

Thankfully there are a lot of new movies coming out for summer break.

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Funny Cat Pictures

Have you ever been bored got on the the computer and searched up funny cat pictures, and then realize it is five hours later and you ruined your entire day? Well I haven’t, but my friend sure has. So in this article I will show you 15 pictures that I myself think are funny.         […]

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Update: The World Didn’t End!

It is a good thing that I didn’t sell all my worldly belongings.

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2012 is coming, or is it?

December twenty-first two thousand twelve; is it really going to be the end of the world?

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ID Cards???

What if students had ID cards?

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Kony 2012?

Many people have heard of the big Kony 2012 movement that has been going on, but what is the real deal with Kony?

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