Leader in Me: Summary

Leader in Me: Summary

Summer meals for kids!

Lintero III

The History of Valentines Day!

Bieber Report

Third installment of the Bieber report. Find out what’s up with Mariah Yeater.

Thailand Floods!

Large areas of north Thailand are now underwater and there is no sign of it draining soon.

Al Shabaab In Somalia

The Al Shabaab are a terrorist group that has control over most of Somalia. Somalia is now the most dangerous country in the world because it has not had a formal government since 1991.


Well to start off  most bullies probably come from broken      homes, which causes them to lash out and get very angry. If   you don’t want to be bullied then stay away from that person or try to help them out so they don’t lash out at you    anymore. If you are […]

Harry Potter Is Over (Or Is It?)

Harry Potter was followed by millions all over the world.  Now that all the books are published and all the movies created, edited, and sent to theaters, children all over the globe are sad and don’t know what they are going to read next.  Harry Potter is over (or is it?) Starting when the 1st […]

The Weekly Bling!!!

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Bling! OH NO! The high schools are taking over middle school! Osiris all over campus! The students here are supporting their home high schools by wearing clothes with high school logos. The most popular is Roosevelt High School, but Reagan is the best in my opinion. Most kids support their high […]

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