Kony 2012?

Many people have heard of the big Kony 2012 movement that has been going on, but what is the real deal with Kony?

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Water Bears Superpowered?

Most of you have probably never heard of a water bear, but they are some of the toughest creatures on earth.

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Is Space Bad for the Eyes?

Recent research conducted by NASA is illustrating a problem with male astronaut’s eyes after being in space.

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Syria Divided!

The situation in Syria is getting worse and worse constantly. The Syrian government began to put restrictions on international journalists. Will the situation ever get better, let’s look at how it all started.

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Smart Vending Machines?

According to Japan’s vending machine companies yes. New vending machines in Japan have been equipped with 47 inch touch screens and new devices to suggest the proper product for it’s customer.

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Tensions in Pakistan Rising

Pakistan has halted relations with the US on Monday after a NATO aircraft killed almost two dozen Pakistani Soldiers.

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