Student Series Kicks Off MT Season

The first NESA musical theater event of the year has come and gone. The student play “Admired Broadway” was a great seat-filler in the Lee auditorium. Directors were Madison Tinder and Gabriel Bernal.

This quirky play on love, friendship and some disagreements was a wonderful comedy. The audience laughed every other scene and there was no doubt the cast had fun producing it.

Bree Miracle said she enjoyed the great experience to “grow as an actress” for a part that was almost different for her.

Tinder directed the play with patience and a good attitude. Bernal edited music to fit the scenes of the play and had to cut out a lot of songs. Editing was a difficult task, according to the directors, since the entire play was great and they didn’t want to leave out any good parts.

NESA instructor Mark Ayres taught Lindsey Mader how to use the light board. Without them, the spotlights wouldn’t have been on the following people:

  • Luisa–
  • Matt–Tory Ramirez
  • Hucklebee–Jeff Gise
  • Bellomy–
  • Henry–Casey Bedell
  • Mortimer– Andy Richardson
  • The Mute–Bree Miracle
  • El Gallo–
  • Lighting–Lindsey Mader
  • Stage Manager/make-up– Jessie Saltzman

Jessie Saltzman (NESA Technical Theater) thankfully did backstage managing and make up for all the students in the play. Had a few entertaining entrances here and there. Over all the play, directors, cast, and crew did an amazing job.

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