Kobe Answers the Billion Dollar Question

When Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were in London Kobe was asked who would win in a game 1 on 1 between him and Lebron James. Without hesitation, Kobe answered, “I would” as he shook his head and said, “Lebron is more like a Magic Johnson type player,” an all around team player.

In my opinion, Kobe is just saying Lebron is a team player and Kobe is a selfish player. Even thought Kobe right now is the best player in the world only because of titles –he has five. In my opinion, Lebron would win 1 on 1. Lebron is too big and these two players are in different categories and cannot be compared to each other.

As you can tell, I am a big Lebron fan. I’m not really a Kobe fan  but I will admit he is currently the best in the world.

These two are getting a lot of attention but quietly Kevin Durant is inching his way into the discussion. He is youngest scoring champion and MVP of FIBA Worlds.

Lebron will not win the MVP and neither will Kobe. Durant will win it. Lebron and the Heat are too concerned with winning an NBA title and the Lakers just want to defend it. That leaves Durant to come in and take MVP.

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