Express-News Takes on Interns: Teen Team

The Express-News choose 32 high school students to join the staff in th

Marcus Martinez, Katrina Dela Cruz, Kathrine Sotelo, and Selena Puente pose after leaving their first Teen Team meeting.

e production of the online site, The students have a regular blog and are able to submit stories for print in the paper.

Of the 32 students from around the greater San Antonio, four came from the Lee High School campus. Senior NESA instrumental musician Selena Puente, sophomore NESA creative writer Katrina Dela Cruz, freshman NESA creative writer Marcus Martinez, and freshman ISA student Katherina Sotelo all made it onto this years Teen Team.

The students had their first meeting with Express-News staff members on Oct. 26. The team will meet once a month downtown at the Express-News Human Resource Building.

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