Eagles Soar and Vick is Back

The Philadelphia Eagles played in a division game vs the Redskins with former 11 year Eagle quarter back Donovan McNabb playing against his former team. These two teams met few weeks ago with Redskins winning that game.

This time it was a whole another story as Eagles just destroyed the Redskins in a blowout game. With Mcnabb getting a contract extension the other quarter back Michael Vick. Showed that he deserves a an extension on his contract.

Michael Vick playing better than he has ever played in his career passing for 333 yards four touchdowns and rushing for 80 yards two touchdowns. Michael Vick playing like an M.V.P Peyton Manning who is my favorite quarter back has competition for M.V.P. race his name is Michael Vick.

This Eagles team has so many weapons offensively DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin,Le Sean McCoy, Jason Avant all had 50 or more yards receiving. Eagles have the fastest or not one of the fastest quarterbacks in Michael Vick and receiver DeSean  Jackson also one of the fastest receivers in NFL. This Eagles team is very young and will only get better I don’t doubt if they are in Super Bowl.

by Kevin Burkett

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