LEE Looks Weekly Style Blog: #3 Abby H.

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Name/Grade: Abby Hinojosa, 11th

What are you wearing? “I’m wearing a plain black tank top, jeggings, a feather headband, a crocheted sweater type thing, and suede boots.”

How much did you get it for & where? The tank top is really simple & basic–it’s from Forever 21. The jeggings are from free-people (they were a gift, so I don’t know the exact price)! My headband is from Urban Outfitters-$5. The boots are Steve Madden-$15 at Marshalls, and definitely worth it! and my sweater used to belong to my grandma-she recently gave it to me, and I think it’s adorable.”

Do you have any fashion inspirations? “This is probably going to sound incredibly cliche, but I find fashion inspiration just about everywhere! It’s actually quite nerdy, but I spend my free time checking out fashion blogs and designer collections online.

To me, good fashion requires class, practicality, and creativity.”

How does this outfit make you feel? “Comfortable & casual!”

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What do you think of Abby’s style & who do you think we should Look at next?

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