Jan & Miranda’s Holiday Movie Picks PART 2/3

Part Two of Miranda & Jan’s Holiday Movie List. The girls talk about their all time winter film picks for popping into the DVD player on a cold Texas (as if) evening.

Edward Scissorhands

J: Can I just hole up in a corner and cry now?
M: Oh, why Jan…or should I say Marsha? (and that was a total Brady Bunch reference, children.)
J: Obviously, because Jan doens’t know anything about life. Much less this movie, which I believe was the beginning of the disturbingly epic partnership of Depp and Burton.
M: WHAT!? You’ve never seen this? This, this, this story about differences and love and —
J: I have, I have! I have it on DVD!
M: Oh. Ok. Cool. Let us talk about it.
J: This film is devastatingly beautiful. I’m a huge fan of contrast and innovation, and it’s just another example of how directors should totally be able to come up with their own concepts.
M: Yes, totally, and also have the budget to explore the crazy universes that come with, a lá Inception.
J: You totally just read my mind. Funny, cause’ both Burton and Nolan worked with the Batman franchise.
M: Because Batman is cool. Also, I just want to say this totally a holiday movie. It has snow and everything.
J: And to think that our favorite creation doesn’t live here, since it doesn’t snow it SA. It completely makes me believe in a world where Winona Ryder’s a blonde and that such innocence can only exist in suspended reality.

Mean Girls

J: I must say, this is a movie for any season.
M: Sure. It did have that Christmas scene; thus, landed itself on our Holiday list.
J: Best ever (failed) rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock”
M: I remember the girls in middle school doing their own version of it in the cafeteria. I must say it was racy.
J: *look on Cady’s dad’s face* There’s an awkward ton of those on Youtube. But in high school, someone manages to quote Mean Girls on a daily basis. I mean, I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…
M: Ha! Classic already. It was also one of the last good movies Lindsay Lohan made before she sadly passed…er…went and ruined her life.
J: Whatevs, LiLo. Yay for Tina Fey! She has great writing chops.
M: Yay! Writing!

When Harry Met Sally

M: This one was my pick.
J: Justify the Holiday-ness?
M: I would say it is actually a New Year’s movie, but the fact of the matter is that it does have winter-NYC-holday-ness in it. The film is absolutely adorable and funny and has an iconic scene that cannot be described for the school newspaper.
J: Also why I choose not to eat inside crowded McDonalds (ever). The soundtrack is always one of my favorites, by the way.
M: Recommended.

The Shining

J: All work and no play makes Jan a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jan a dull girl. All work–
J: I still don’t get how the ending fits…
M: Well, we can’t give that away, but many people ask me why this is my favorite “holiday” movie. I guess it is because it so AWESOME and frightening and again there is snow, so I conclude it takes place during the holidays. This is also my favorite horror film; it just packs such a punch in a very subtle, quiet way. It makes use of sounds, images and human faults brilliantly.
J: Kids, the moral of the story is not let Jack Nicholson take you to an abandoned ski lodge. But do trust Stanley Kubrick to knock your socks off.

Continued with Part Three…

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