Jan & Miranda’s Holiday Movie Picks PART 3/3

Part Three of Miranda & Jan’s Holiday Movie List. The girls talk about their all time winter film picks for popping into the DVD player on a cold Texas (as if) evening.

A Christmas Story

J: So this is the one with the kid getting his tongue frozen to the pole, right?

 M: Mhm. And he has the B.B. gun. And there was that scene with the leg lamp. Oh, my childhood! I grew up on this one.

J: Aw, well I can’t say I did, but I’m sure it sets the tone for holiday spirit – or at least that reassurance that the materialistic thing you really, really want, you’ll eventually get.

M: Yep, but also the moral is to listen to your parents.

The Grinch

J: Where are you Christmas?

M: Don’t care. Hate it.

J: Ok, so Jim Carrey really likes the holidays. A Christmas Carol left much to be desired, but still —

M: It is a marketable genre.

J: Your defiance endears me. This is one I grew up with, even though it did used to freak me out. Let’s hope Miranda’s heart grows a few sizes bigger for mediocre holiday films 🙂

M: Eh.

J: You gotta respect the Seuss though.

 M: That movie wasn’t Suess. It was creepy and icky.

J: She won’t touch it with a 10-and-a-half-foot pole.

The Polar Express

J: Last weekend, I saw an 18-minute 4D version at Sea World. It squirted water into my mouth and their “snow” was made of soap bubble clusters.

M: I saw that show too! Last year? The whole time all I could think about was how much 3D frightens me and that the main boy looked exactly like the boy I used to be neighbors with when he was younger.

J: I’d have been offended if he got on the train and you didn’t. Nonetheless, this was one of my favorite children’s books by Chris Van Allsburg and translated well into a film. Honestly, I was a cynical kid who didn’t really ‘believe’ but let it on to get extra presents.

M: Well, then this was a movie for you. SANTA IS REAL.

J: I am a changed child! There is such a thing as magic and train cars full of hot chocolate!

M: And wizards! Oops! Wrong movie!

J: It’s all good. [Jan remains deaf to the sound of sleigh bells. Miranda waves hello to the jolly man whisking by.]

Honorable Mention:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

J: Christmas Time is here. *playing in the background*

M: Let us put up our sad little tree, and gather round to listen to Linus tell a story.

J: I adore A Charlie Brown; it has become one of the newer traditions in my family but I revert to a much simpler, hopeful mindset whenever I watch them.

M: It is another older tradition in my family, but just like you, Jan, it takes me back to this warm fuzzy time. The fireplace ablaze, the tinsel shining, and the Peanuts gang singing from the telly.

J: …and on earth peace and goodwill towards men. That’s what Christmas is all about!

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