Spurs Looking To Get Back On Track

The Spurs won a big game on Friday vs the New York Knicks but having push through a back to back. After the Knicks game the team flew to New Orleans to face the Hornets but losing bad cooling of the Spurs. This is just one of those games that has to be forgotten.

The Spurs will face a high scoring Golden State team tonight that has a very great scorer in Monta Ellis who can drop 30 points a night when he wants. Also another great young player Stephen Curry and good big man David Lee. The Spurs will have some trouble but will still get the win in Golden State.

Spurs are 37-7 but after tonight they will be 38-7 the Spurs are in a tough western conference with 9 teams with winning records. The Spurs should get the win tonight and get back on track and reach that one goal which is to get that fifth title. Spurs fans want to be chanting in June saying “Drive For Five”.

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