Student Council and PAL’s Have Fun At T BAR-M

This past weekend Student Council and PALs went to a weekend retreat in New Braunfels at a place called T-Bar M.

The students experienced different team building activities over the weekend. They did a high ropes course that included zip-lining, the leap of faith, the screamer, rock climbing and the bush whacker.

Here’s a glimpse of what goes on at T BAR-M.

Dennise Pizana & Chris Robles pose infront of the high ropes course.

Tiffany Ugarte and Megan-Joy Macias try to lift themselves up using no hands.

Tiffany Ugarte. Angelica Flores & Ashley Maskill attempt to play basketball during their free time.

Student Council & PAL’s not only had an amazing weekend but also gained great leadership skills.

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