Sweet 16

The NCAA tournament: Where Cinderella stories are made and small teams are noticed.

 This years NCAA Division 1 tournament has been very exciting. A lot of controversy and a lot of big games are coming up. The Sweet 16 regional round is going to be a great one in West bracket is to me one of the best brackets with 4 power house schools.

Defending champions Duke University will face off against University of Arizona two power house schools who both won thriller games to advance to sweet 16. Other two schools in west region university of Connecticut will face off against San Diego State these two school have been dominant in the tournament and UConn has the best player in the country to me is Kemba Walker an overall great point guard.

The East bracket is also good with North Carolina will face a very quiet Marquette team who has been taking down good teams.A Carolina team who is looking to get back on top of NCAA. An Ohio State team that is dominating on teams but weak teams still have a great team Ohio State will face off against a young Kentucky team who is looking to go further then they did last year.

Southeast bracket is a good bracket with Butler facing off against a good Wisconsin team. Butler who is a team that almost did the impossible last year wanting to go back to National championship game with a coach who looks as young as the players. He is coaching this team very well and Wisconsin team who can ha g with any school in country are wanting to end cinderella story for Butler. The matchup I am looking forward to is BYU going against Florida this should be a good game with one of the best scorers in NCAA history Jimmer Fridette vsagainst a good Florida team.

Southwest Bracket which will be here in San Antonio Texas this bracket is very interesting a Dominant Kansas team will face Richmond team that took down a great Louisville team and want to upset Kansas. That will not happen Kansas is to good they have the best duo big men in NCAA the twins Marcus and Markieff Morris and a great Kansas team will win this game. VCU and Florida State two teams who have surprised everyone in this tournament.They have taking down dominant teams VCU beat down Purdue and Florida State beat down Notre Dame two teams that have made their mark that they can hang with any team and beat them.

This sweet 16 will be a great round most of the games should be nail bitters and will have you at the edge of your seat.

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