Drumline Competes In Houston For Championships

On March 18th 2011, Lee H.S. drumline competed in State Championships for Indoor Percussion. The show “Elemental Evolution,” won ninth out of twelve places. Although, they as a drumline thought they deserved better, they knew they accomplished their goals throughout the season.

Drumline had five competitions, starting from late January, ending early March. Snares, tenors, basses, and the pit equally worked hard each practice and outside of practice. Percussion director Brannon Baker always pushed them and wanted them to do the best he knew they were capable of.

“It doesn’t matter what a guy wearing a green shirt, sitting in the stands says, what matters is you all know how you all did as a drumline.” Baker said after they got on the charter bus back to San Antonio. Drumline had a wonderful experience and in the end, were very proud and  successful.

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