A STEELE We Won’t Forget

Tuesday night the Lee Varsity Soccer boys played against Steele High School at Steele in Cibolo, Texas.

Within the first 10 minutes of the first quarter Maquina Roja scored twice. Steele scored as well within those 10 minutes but only once.

With 36 seconds left in the 2nd half Steele scored and tied the game. Maquina Roja and Steele went into over time.

When going into overtime in a soccer game,  you have two halfs that are only 10 minutes long.

The 1st quarter went by and no one scored, although both teams did come close.

There was 3 minutes left of over time and Steele scored. Our fans and boys were crushed.

Time ran out and Maquina Roja lost. The Lee Varsity boys are out of the playoffs, but none the less we’re proud of our boys!

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  1. mcardo 41 years ago
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