The Bugle’s Call: Best Time Wasting Websites (Miranda’s List)

7. the Music Sites: (Paste, Spinner, Spin, The Tape’s Not Sticky)

{for…music fanatics…}

6. Thought Catalog

{for…Chuck Klosterman fans, intellectuals and pop culture geeks…}

5. Go Fug Yourself

{for…fashion lovers, artists, creative fangirls, and bored visual thinkers…}

4. YouTube

{for…scary people who like to see themselves on the internet and then everyone else…}

3. Ebay/Etsy

{for…thrift store drifters, antique shop addicts, hoarders, cash-strapped…}

Both Ebay and Etsy are full of treasures.

2. Polyvore

{for…fashion lovers, artists, creative fangirls, and bored visual thinkers…}

One day I discovered a magical world of fashion, art, collages, and creativity. That place was called Polyvore, and it was the perfect outlet for my love of all things cool and aesthetically pleasing. Polyvore is a site for fashion hounds and college art majors alike.

Once you create an account, you can compile collages with the many, many images available on the site, and if you get really into it, there is a toolbar gadget available to allow users to “Clip” images from the internet. The final products are called “Sets” which can be anything from paperdolls, to monochromatic triptics, to lame templates, and the really talented make beautiful works of art.

1. Tumblr

{for…EVERYONE. Except boring people…}

Please, please, fellow Tumblr folks, don’t murder me for writing this paragraph. The first rule of Tumblr is you don’t talk about Tumblr. It is The-Site-That-Must-Not-Be-Named. Tumblr, basically, is a “micro-blogging” center that enables users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes, and audio into their tumblogs. Users can follow other blogs according to their interests, and on the main page there is a dashboard where all the posts are updated.

There are all kinds of blogs, for every type of person. Blogs devoted to cute animals, to the 80s, to sports teams, bands, celebrities, raspberries, ect. ect. ect.

I’d post my url, but that’d just be embarrassing.


Honorable Mention:

  • Facebook – A bit dull after the Tumblr discovery, but it is still nice to see what people you haven’t seen in years are doing.
  • Robert Unicorn Attack – You are a unicorn eating butterflies, smashing stars, and leaping into music filled air. Enough said.
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