Vols Successfully Transform The Rams

This past Friday’s football game was exciting to say the least.

First play of the game Senior Matthew McCracken gets the kickoff return, the Vols fake the Rams and Matthew makes a 93 yard touchdown. That play definetely got the crowd pumped.

A couple plays went by and not too mch had happened until Senior #21 Lonnie Bradford made two back to back touchdowns leaving the game tied at the end of the fourth quarter 21-21.

It was the Vols ball and we decided to make a field goal which left the game at 24 -21. It was the Rams ball and we had to push them back until the fourth down. We held them back but the Rams wanted to see if they had won or we had won. The play was called and the victory was ours. What a way to kick off the season. Congratulations boys!

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