A Rising Star: Genesis Dibrell

Genesis Dibrell

There is a rising star here on Lee campus, and her name is Genesis Dibrell. How did she become interested in acting?

“My oldest cousin was in one of his high school plays, when I was like 6, and it was just so cool seeing him on stage. and I was just like, Man I wanna do that.” Dibrell has been in theater arts since 6th grade, and has won many metals for competition.

Although Dibrell is very talented on stage, she also has other talents. Dibrell also enjoys baking on the side. She’s good at it and also likes to do it for fun. She also writes, and is a  NESA Creative Writer. Dibrell is not like any  other creative writer though.

“My writing process, sometimes I can have one little smudgen of an idea that I can go back to months later. I think being able to capture a moment or the essence of a feeling in a writing piece is very important, and that’s what i try and do.” Genesis, like alot of writers, writes from her heart and what she feels, which makes her writing real.

Besides NESA Creative writing, Dibrell is also in Pre-Cal Pre-AP, Spanish III Pre-Ap, English III AP. She is a excellent student and studies three hours everyday. ” In 8th Grade i was voted most likely to succeed,” Dibrell says happily. At the rate Dibrell is going, she will be very successful.

Dibrell will also be in the new school play, “Dearly Departed” as “Delightful.” She practices after school, as well as the Math Club, NHS, and is trying to get into Junior Board.

After high school, she plans to go to Trinity University, and become a theater arts teacher, sharing her acting advice.

You will be sure to hear her name again, our best wishes go to Genesis Dibrell!

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