Music = Life

Tapping your  fingers on the desk. Humming. Bobbing your head. Accidentally singing the lyrics out loud in class. These are all symptoms of listening to your favorite song.

I think everyone knows what I’m saying when I say ‘Music = Life’ the famous saying that’s on many bags, shirts, buttons, and  journals. You listen to music when your sad, happy, party mode, mad. Whenever and wherever. It makes you feel like your not alone, when you have a problem about something, or when you wanna feel happier in life. Or even when you just wanna dance.


I asked people questions about music in the hallways.

These are the questions i asked:

– What’s your favorite band?

– What’s your favorite song from them?

– What kind of Genre do you listen to mostly?

Andres Miranda

“Led Zeplan, Stairway to Heaven and Classic Rock.”

Claudia Gonzalez

“Blood on the Dance Floor, Star Power, ad Dubstep.”


Sammy Esparza

“Breaking Benjamin, Dear Agony, Rock”


Adam Salgado

“Blood on the Dance Floor, I Heart Hello Kitty, Rock”


Nick Flores

“D3adMau5, Strobe, Everything besides country.”


Ariana Salas

“Hollywood Undead and LMFAO, City and Shots, Rock & Rap”


Alec Suarez

“Lil Wayne, NIghtmares of the Bottom, Rap”


Lyndsey Cavillo

“Best Coast, Our Deal, Alternative”


Bryce Weathers

“Adam Levine, Stereo Hearts, Pop”


Jake Sullivan

“Fleetwood Mack, Dreams, 60’s and 70’s”


Kylie nunez

“Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge, Everything”


Ruby Castro

“Black Veil Brides, Pens & Knifes, R&B/Rock/Country”


Zuhal Bavsi

Eli Young Band, Crazy Girl, Country


Lexy Trejo

“Nirvana, Lithium, Rock/Dubstep”


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