Community College Vs. Technical School: Who Delivers?

Choosing a college isn’t easy for seniors. For some, the best decision is to save money by going to a community college and then a university. Others think going to a technical school is better, because they’ll finish school faster. So let’s compare and see which type of school is the better deal:














San Antonio College (photo from:


San Antonio College is a public, 2 year community college located in Downtown, San Antonio. Like all Alamo Community Colleges, tuition is only $1,980 per year. Cost can be covered by FAFSA grants and the San Antonio Education Partnership scholarship (found in the Career Center.)

Students can either live on campus or commute from home. SAC offers an excellent Journalism  program, but going simply for the basics is fine, too.

The only admission requirement is a high school diploma. Once the two years are completed, admission to a university is easy as long your grades were good. No ACT/SAT scores, admission essay, or GPA required.

ITT Tech Logo (photo from:


ITT Technical Institute is a proprietary (AKA exists to make a profit) 2 year, technical college. A two year degree at ITT Tech costs $47, 300. Admission requirements are an interview, standardized test scores, and class rigor. Even if one completes this degree, the credits earned don’t transfer.

Senior, Omar Rodriguez, said of the technical school after a recent visit, “I used to think it was great, but when I actually saw the school and the teachers…now, I’m not so sure.”

…And the winner is? Do I really need to say it? Well, to give credit where it’s due, San Antonio College wins. It’s affordable, right down the street, and the credits earned are transferrable. If SAC’s not where it’s at for you, there are other Alamo Community Colleges for the same price.

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