Jock Box: Devin Woodard

Name: Devin Woodard

Position: Runner/ Defender

JV, Varsity or Freshman team: N/A

Jersey Number: “Ultimate Frisbee has no numbers.

Who inspired you to play your sport?

“Riley Metacalfe, NESA Alumni.”

What is the best thing about your sport?

“Its a very sportsman like game; little to no conflict between teams or teamates.”

When did you begin playing your sport?

“2nd Semester Last Year”

What was the most exciting thing about the first game/match?

“We played against the Mac team and the Mac Alumni Team and won.”

What was the worst thing about the last game/match?

“I didn’t get to attend the game.”

What lessons have you learned in sports that you will take with you in your future?

“Working with a team is not easy, but it makes everything better.”

Tell me a story about the most memorable thing that has happened in your sport this year?

“When we were losing to the Mac Alumni Team in the beginning, and we pulled together and scored 8 times in a row to give us the lead. Someone threw me a frisbee that was important to catch for our win, and I did a dive roll to catch it. It was for sure awesome.”

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