Come Around Sundown Album Review

Kings of Leon is a garage, southern rock band. The band consists of four brothers – Caleb, Nathan, Jared, and Matthew Followill.

In its early years, KOL started out as a bluesy, southern, country band. Over the years, the band’s music began to change to an alternative rock. Youth and Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbrake, Because of the Times, Only by the Nights, and their most recent, Come Around Sundown are KOL’s five albums they have put out since 2003.

Kings of Leon fifth new album, Come Around Sundown, tops their previous album, Only by the Night, in my opinion. The album was released last October 15. As I recently listened to it on my way to a football game, I immediately fell in love with the music.

Pyro and The End are my top two favorite songs, with sounds reminiscent of the last album. Songs like Back Down South and Mi Amigo have vibes and beats  similar to when Kings of Leon first started out as a country band.

The thing I enjoy most about this album is the diversity and how they put out a few country-like songs. Kinda like KOL is going back to the way they used to sound, but with an alternative twist. I’m not even into country, but KOL makes me enjoy every bit of it.

If you’re a Kings of Leon fan or simply up for listening to something new, listen to Come Around Sundown. I recommend this to anyone, and I’d give this album a 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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