Procrastination a Problem For Seniors

Senior year: the last stretch of juvenile education into the adult responsibilities of college. Although seniors only have one more year of high school to go, they still put off doing their work. College being around the corner, Senior year is a time span too valuable to waste. Some things Seniors need to take care of before the year ends include:

Apply to colleges: Most colleges in the state accept the Applytexas application, so get started on that. And be sure to check out the application deadlines for the colleges you’re applying to, because some deadlines are as early as November 1. Check out deadlines and admission requirements here at:

Application essays: If you’ve already written your essay, you’re ahead of the game. All you have to do now is tweak it a little. If not, then get to it.

Maintain good grades: Class rank counts from freshman year all the way to the first semester of high school. Yoou don’t want to lose out on scholarships just beacause your grades dropped, so be sure to keep up those good grades, study hard, and get to class on time.

Apply for scholarships: Don’t forget to visit the career senter to obtain valuable scholarships. Some are as easy as writing an essay, or having good grades. Generation texas offers scholarships for those with a 3.7 GPA and up (or a 92 average or better.) Is your average so close, such as an 89, or higher, you can almost taste that scholarship? Smaller scholarships are also offered at that level.  To sign up, visit:

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