Top 10 Shooter Games

Of all the shooters in the world, good or bad, there are ten games that are the best of the best. Here is a list of my top Ten shooters so far.

10. Call of Duty- Call of Duty was at its prime when Infinity Ward announced they were going from WWII to Modern Warfare. After the release of Modern Warfare 2, things got a little bad. The game became stale for most C.O.D. fans, causing people to just stop playing. It’s still a good game, but is a low standard compared to most shooters. This game is like the best of a bad situation.

9. Unreal Tournament- Unique is what we can call an Unreal Tournament game. Unreal Tournament III is somewhat of a regression from the other games in the series. The series were some of the best online of its time, but the third installment was a letdown

8. Time Splitters- A funny little game with many interesting game types and weapons. Jumping on with four friends and a lobby filled with NPCs was an afternoon well spent. Creating unique gametypes was a treat alone, and a map creator made things more unique.

7. Quake- A fast paced multiplayer game that reminds most people of Unreal Tournament. Quake is still played worldwide by thousands, because of its unique play style and maps. Quakecon still goes on yearly, while the game is still very popular.

6. Halo- Halo is a game that helped started the competitive multiplayer perspective. IThis special game turned into six games, a series of books, and an animated series. Halo’s great story helped make it a memorable game that will be remembered for a long time.

5. Team Fortress– Team Fortress put class based warfare on the map. The game started as a mod of Doom then evolved into its own game. With nine playable classes and the game being free on the PC, it can be one of the most fun games you could play for free.

4. Ghost Recon- Tactical based warfare from Tom Clancy games is a must. Ghost Recon is a prime example of that statement. Taking tactical squad based elements and putting it into a shooter worked fantastic. Ghost Recon is one of the best squad based tactical shooters on the market. With the release of Ghost Recon Future Soldier in 2012, it will be springing back from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

3. Gears of War- Gears started as a new idea that really took life in its third person style shooting and amazing story. The multiplayer aspect was really interesting as four versus four gametyped. Then the second game came out, and the multiplayer and story were improved dramaticly. The multuplayer was increased to five versus five and a more drastic story. The third game went out with a bang. The story finished beautifully and new game modes were added to multiplayer. All in all, a really good game.

2. Counter Strike- The PC shooter that is still one of the most intense shooters out there. Only two gametypes were in most of the Counter Strike, not counting the mods for more gametypes. One of the most enjoyable gametypes was called Gun Game. This is played with everyone starting with the same weapon and getting a kill levels you up and gives you a different weapon. The highest level differs from server to server, but always ends with the knife. With no story mode, this is an online game only. With a new Counter Strike game on the way it is turning into a great gaming season.

1. Battlefield- The head honcho of big team battles, squad based combat, and overall warfare is Battlefield. The release of Battlefield 3 (10/25/2011) marks the beginning of the new gaming season. This game is now rising up to take COD’s throne as best shooter. With a new Engine (Frostbite 2) and new level of realism, this game almost sets the high standard of what a shooter looks like (looks like, not plays like). The maps are large, and conquest has never been funner. With new vehicles shuch as the jets, APCs, and new helicopters, this game unlocks a new window for shooter games world wide.

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