Monthly Archive:: October 2011

What’s on Your iPod?

A quick look into a student's musical taste.

Lee Vols to Take Down Madison

Lee Football team will play Madison at Comalander Stadium this Saturday.

Seniors Need to Pay Fees

Seniors must pay their senior fees within the next two weeks.

It’s Lee’s Turn To Host College Night

Lee will be hosting this year’s College Night at Blossom Athletic

Band Scores All 1’s at UIL

The marching band recently performed at Judson Stadium for the U.I.L.

Orchestra Performance, Dinner Tuesday

Students, Parents and the community have been invited to support the

Snapshot: Bugle Call Online Wins 3rd at TAJE

The Texas Association of Journalist Educators (TAJE) Fall Fiesta Conference awards

Seeing Climate, Seeing Change

Dr. Heidi Cullen speaks at Trinity University on the effects on

Unity Club Meeting This Tuesday

Want to meet new people and volunteer to better the community

Underwater Fun in Aquatic Science

Feeding fish isn't all you do Aquatic Science.

Cross Country Crosses the Line at Southwest

Watch the XC Team compete at Southwestern, video by Carla Gonzales.

Nothing Fishy About This Seafood Restaurant

Should you go? If you like seafood AND Mexican food, this

What’s Wrong With the English Language?

The Bugle Call reflects on the ever-changing english language.

Top Ten Must-Have Songs

A list of 10 songs that have been the best since
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