New Electronics: Hot Or Not?

Shiny, sparkling, new gizmos are always visually appealing. Although these products are improvements of the original, are they worth the price? Read on and decide for yourself.

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iPhone 4S

 Why It’s Hot: A slightly modified version of the iPhone 4 with the benefit of voice-recognition technology and a fancier camera (everybody “ooh” and “ahh.”) Why It’s Not: There’s really no need to toss out your “obsolete” iPhone 4 and beg your parents for a new one; you can live without the latest iPhone. If you don’t own the device, you’re actually better off getting the iPhone 3 or 4 now, because of the discount of the now “out” hardware. 


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Nintendo 3DS

 Why It’s Hot: Sure, the Nintendo 3DS has Wifi Connection, takes pictures, and a top screen in three glasses-free dimensions. And, yes, price has been reduced from the ridiculous price tag of $250 (that’s a Wii right there, folks) to $170. Why It’s Not: However, the 3D capabilities of the 3DS aren’t perfect-recommended gaming time is one hour a day, which is good for your parents, but not when you’re trying to play Mario. The games cost $39 a pop, ten dollars more than the traditional system, so, until the Nintendo DS Lite becomes obsolete, you’re better off waiting.

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 Why It’s Hot: The new Kindle Fire sure looks nicer than the original Kindle. Newspapers, TV shows, movies and books can be viewed in full color. Movie and streaming services Hulu and Netflix are included, and other apps are available for purchase. Use these apps to your advantage instead of downloading movies, which will waste your space. Why It’s Not: On the other hand, the battery life is short, and you’re better off with a regular Kindle for storing only books, or an iPad if you want to take books and movies along.

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