Review: Mission Impossible IV

 “We were unprepared, in the dark, and disavowed. And the only thing that functioned was this team.” Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt


PG-13, 2 hr. 13 min. Directed by: Brad Bird   Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner

Rating: A-

What It’s (Excitingly) About: Ethan Hunt and his team of Impossible Mission Force (IMF) Agents are on a mission to locate a man trying to obtain a nuclear-launch-control device. After sneaking in, Hunt gets blamed for the ensuing explosion, forcing him and his team to be sentenced to “Ghost Protocol.” With no outside help from the IMF, and the addition of a former field agent, the team continues with the mission.

The REVIEW: Although this flick is the fourth installment in the series, the film manages to keep guys and girls alike on their seat with plenty of explosions, futuristic gadgets, mystery, and car crashes.

The group travels to Dubai for a second attempt of intercepting Cobalt. Dunn (Simon Pegg) realizes he can’t hack into the computers mainframe. Thus begins Hunt’s stunt of crawling eight stories up the world’s tallest building. To make matters worse, the magnetic gloves that keep him from plummeting to his doom run out of batteries. No pressure. The agent uses a rope to come crashing in, meanwhile having almost fallen to his death several times.

Ethan Hunt scales the world's tallest building. (

The scene where Hunt is chasing Cobalt through the sandstorm is also thrilling, encouraging this audience member to ask: how did they film that? What could have been a simple chase scene was made intrigueing with a tracker, a sandstorm, and, of course, a cool car. 

Such a thrilling and, excuse me, impossible chase scene encourages this audience member to ask: how did they do that? The agent then doggedly hunts his prey on foot until the bad guy simply hops into the back of a truck for a quick get-away.

But Hunt doesn’t simply wallow in his failure; he sets up his team for another sting operation. Don’t worry-no ending spoilers here…Let’s just  say a part five is highly likely.

Hunt and Jane Carter (Paula Patton) infiltrate a party in Mumbai. (

Should You See It? After you catch up on the first three movies in the series, watch the latest enthralling, action-filled installment.

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