Top Ten Favorite Famous “Sweet Hearts”

10. Rachel and Ross: Rachel and Ross make our list because for practically the whole ten years, the T.V show “FRIENDS” was playing in our homes. They were the hottest topic.





9. Edward and Bella: Edward and Bella defintely makes my list. But sorry guys, not number one! They have a great love, but for me it’s too cliche.





8. Elvis and Priscilla: They are on our list because they were in love. This true love has nothing to do with fame and fortune.





7. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf: Being a big fan of “Gossip Girl” myself, I defintely had to add them to the list! This couple is currently not together, but the reason they made the list (besides me being a huge fan) is because they make a great team. They are both rebels. While both are bad, they bring out the good in eachother.




6. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash: These singers are what I think true love is. They were musicians in love, together forever. A true romance, created behind the stage. But, romantically, a proposal in front of the stage was defintely memerable.




Lois Lane & Superman

5.Louis Lane & Superman: They are one of many well known fictional couples. They have had a long complicated relationship, because Lois Lane doesn’t know that Clark Kent and Superman are the same person.Later on, he reveals him self to Lois, but then Lori Lemaris comes into the picture and complicates their relationship. After a break up and several problems, Lois Lane & superman get married.



Lucy & Ricky

3.Ricky Ricardo & Lucy: They may be one of the most famous couples in America. The noise of their little fights and spats is what filled the living room of many households in the 1950’s. A very loved couple then, and still loved today.

The rising stars get in the most strangest situations. They’re a funny and happy couple with a great relationship and are there for one another.



Martin Luther King Jr & Coretta Scott King

2. Next but not last Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King were married on June 18, 1953 on the lawn of her mother’s house; the ceremony was performed by Martin Jr.’s father. Something you may have not know about their wedding is that Coretta had asked to take “to obey her husband” out of her vows, which was strange at the time. After their wedding they moved to Montgomery, Alabama where her husband had accepted an invitation to be the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. In the middle of the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin was elected leader of the protest movement. Coretta has been by her husband’s side every time he needed that extra support.


Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Finally the # 1 couple is…Mickey & Minnie Mouse Everyone in the whole world knows who they are.They are made for each other and every generation since them has had a real couple to look up to even though their just a cartoon couple. They’re still together to this day!






Some relationships don’t last forever or not even 5 years at times their just a few months & the it’s all over & your left with nothing just a broken heart.These couples have been thru the best times & the worst times & have not ever stopped being in love for even a second. For this Valentine’s Day, we gave you a list of couple’s to look up too! I hope you get inspired to stay in love, or fall in love, or just not give up on love, because there’s someone out there for everyone!

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