Three Geeks and a Controller: Chrono Trigger

Name: Chrono Trigger

System/Release Dates: SNES (Super Nintendo) August 22, 1995,

Play Station One/June 29, 2001,

Nintendo DS/November 25, 2008,

Play Station Network/October 4, 2011.

Plot: Chrono Trigger centers on the main character Chrono, who meets Marle at a f1stival. When he and Marle go to see his friend’s invention, she is sucked into time warp. Chrono then travels back in time to save her.  Later, when they find the future destroyed and desolate. They learn that a entity called Lavos destroyed the world, starting their journey to save the future.

Gameplay: In Chrono Trigger, you can only have 3 people in your party at a time. The battle system can be put on wait or active. In wait, the battle system fights are turn-based (as in you attack then your enemies attack you.) In active battle system, you have a bar on the side that allows your character to move, but at the same time your enemy can attack you. This game has a lot of replay value with it’s new game feature and alternate endings.

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