Three Geeks and a Controller: Summon Night

Name: Summon Night-Swordcraft story

System/Date: Game Boy Advance July 26, 2006

Plot: You play as the main character Cleru/Pratty who wants to become a craftlord. As you try and work your way to becoming one, you’ll be able to make weapons and journey through a labyrinth to get materials. You’ll also recieve a summon beast that will help you along the way.

Gameplay: You can roam around and find weapon recipes, while following the story and going through the labyrinth to get materials for making weapons. The battle system puts you on a 2D stage where you can move around and attack enemies with your weapons. The summon beast you get will help you in battle by using magic. Players will also be able to equip 3 weapons at a time and swap between these weapons in battle. There are 6 types of weapons for you to choose  from: swords, axes, spears, fists, and drills.


summon sword craft story: boss battle from Lee Bugle Call on Vimeo.

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