‘Hole’ Album Is Theraputic

In 2004, Courtney Love released her first solo album called America’s Sweetheart. It was, in Courtney’s own words, “Le Disaster.” It received negative reviews and dismal sales.

After many tabloid scandals, celebrity feuds, gossip-and a bad record to add to the list-it pretty much looked like the end of Courtney Love.

“The End” seemed to have officially come inĀ September 2005. After violating a drug probation, Courtney was sentenced to six months in lock-down rehab. While there, she felt inspired to write new songs.

In 2010, Courtney was a clean and sober woman. She decided to let her fans and critics know that she was back, and this time, for good. Courtney and her former band Hole released Nobody’s Daughter, an album that deals with “greed, vengeance, motherhood, and feminism.”

Much like Hole’s platinum selling Live Through This, Courtney poured her heart out into every song on the record and showed off her “hard edge, along with her soft edge.”

The opening track, “Nobody’s Daughter,” is a frustrating but powerful song. The next track, “Skinny Little (expletive),” shows off Courtney’s classic raging screaming. The rest of the tracks that follow, like “Honey,” “Pacific Coast Highway,” and “Letter To God,” are mellow and aching ballads that allow the listener to take a look into Courtney’s thoughts. “Samantha” is another fast and angry track.

The album finishes with “Happy Ending Story”, a feel good song about coming back on top, which is what Courtney is letting everyone know with this CD.

So if you are looking for the raw and intense heaviness of Pretty on the Inside or the roaring grunge sound of Live Through This, then look elsewhere. This album has a lot of emotion to it and many will find it relatable and a some what of a therapeutic device.

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