Get Lost In Beauty of ‘The Woods’

The Review: Into the Woods is the story of a baker and his wife journey, of course, into the woods in order to break a curse. In their pursuit, they meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, and other fairy tale characters. After working hard to obtain the potion ingredients, the spell is broken; everyone is happy. But are they completely happy?

A look at some of the costume changes for the musical. (photo by Katherine Garcia)

This musical was alive with humor and wit. Stefanie Clark shined as the outgoing and engaging narrator of our tale. Kia Malone did a wonderful performance throughout as Rapunzel’s mother, the mysterious wicked witch. Her voice stunned the audience with her beautiful rendition of “Witches Lament” after her transformation into her lovely, powerless self.

Cody Garcia and Jeff Gise, as Rapunzel’s and Cinerella’s husbands, respectively, made a very believable pair of brothers. The duo easily charmed their way through “Agony,” a performance I must say was done better by these two than in the original musical. Cinderella, Jack, Little Red Riding Hood and the baker reunite toward the end for a beautiful rendition of “No One is Alone.”

Into the Woods also contained some good modern touches to it. For example, after Little Red Riding Hood gives her cape to the baker, she reappears onstage in a tough leather jacket and a New Jersey accent.

Other enjoyable humorous bits included Gise’s horse ride into the woods with his found princess. Gise propped the fake leg over the horse and proceeded to ride on with a backwards-facing leg, looking happy all the while. When his character realizes he chose the wrong girl, the horse retraces its steps to the “beep,beep” sound of a large vehicle backing up.

Recommended? Don’t miss this witty play filled with humor and heart.

Behind The Scenes: Stefanie Clark explains the preparation involved, “We perform the show exactly as if it were an actual performance. We use all the technical aspects and all the lighting, so by performance time we know exactly what to do and how to do it.”

That’s right, kids: for the past week, the students who perform and work the play have been running through the entire show. They stay after school until around 10:00, leaving little time for homework. Here’s a look at opening night’s preparation.

Marina Arriola applies make-up to Kia Malone, who plays the witch. (photo by Katherine Garcia)

Anna Sathoff and Sarah Ferguson begin their transformation into Florinda and Lucinda. (photo by Katherine Garcia)

Lana Dvorak applies make-up for her role as Cinderella. (photo by Katherine Garcia)

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