New School, Fresh Start

This school is huge! I come from small little John Jay on the North Side, and I have yet to find where half of the restrooms are here.

Having to change your whole identity when you were already accepted and loved is extremely challenging. Especially when you are loud, bubbly, and energetic like me. Wanting to scream and laugh like everyone else, but can’t because you’re an outsider, pains me.

I was told this school is friendly… Hardly anyone has bothered to get to know the new body that inhabits their school. Even ask, you know, “Why are you here?” or “Where are you coming from?” just to simply break the ice. Even though I could bring about a change in this issue, I can’t do it by myself.

I must say I am deeply happy about the food. Eating food that doesn’t taste like cardboard or stale old bread is awesome! The cafeteria would be my favorite place if it were not for the people staring me down without knowing me.

Although all these things occur…I must say everyone here is really smart. Individuality is seeping through everywhere, and people’s swagger is awesome. I can’t wait to become a Vol!

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