‘Some Nights’ Reveal the Days of Our Teenage Lives




Rated: PG

Length: About 46 Minutes

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Recommend? Yes

Release Date: February 21, 2012

This New York based project began as Nate Ruess Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff left their original bands to do something outside the box. It has now become a breakout project of Fueled By Ramen. Their first album Aim and Ignite was a mix of pop backbeats and Nate Ruess’s wonderful vocals.

Some Nights begins with an intro that very much sounds like their first album, but after that it becomes very commercial-friendly pop. However, this is only on the surface. Underneath the sickly-sweet hooks and the four-count beats, comes the underlying true music. This is what the fans fell in love with.

One website comments on the album, “Although proving to be intricate and provocative, the deceiving Some Nights and its intro are cabaret rip-offs of both Queen and Fun.’s own upbeat ‘Benson Hedges’ – and then comes the auto-tuning. ‘We Are Young,’ a grating pop-romp, is replete with Ruess’ continual nods to burning bright, decisive nights, and not being old. While the band shows ingenuity in ‘Carry On’ with what sounds like accordions and acoustic guitar flutters, almost every song on Some Nights contains the same unimaginative stomp-stomp-clap beat and soulless horn bits.” (Consequence of Sound)

Personally, I like this album. I will probably be listening to it until summer comes around. It talks about being a teen, fun nights, and has a whole demeanor of savoring your youth while it lasts. Take a listen and see if you like it.

Listen to a track from their first album: All The Pretty Girls or the title track to their second album: Some Nights.

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