Should Parents Read Your Texts?

For children’s protection, an Arizona senator wants to pass a law allowing parents to get copies of their children’s texts from the phone company.

This law would not help protect children or build strong families and should not be passed.

If parents want to read texts, they should talk to their kids and ask to read the text messages instead of going behind their child’s back and secretly reading the messages. Kids should be able to trust their parents, instead of worrying about their parents going behind their back.

Those for the law say thats it’s for the child’s protection and making sure they’re safe. On the other hand, it ruins the child and parents relationship and it also makes the child not able to trust their parents.

Texas should not pass this law because it’s violating children’s rights and destroying trust in the family. If children are being bullied, they should tell an adult or some one they trust. Parents should, in turn, trust their kids: if you taught them right from wrong, you know they’re doing the right thing.

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