21 Jump Street A Hit Yet Again

On paper, 21 Jump Street sounds like a cheesy teen drama: cops going undercover as high School students, each episode dealing with serious issues among teenagers such as drugs, violence, and pregnancy. But after it premiered in 1987, the show ran for five seasons and was a hit with critics. And, let’s face it, with a young (and delicious) Johnny Depp as the main character, we couldn’t help but watch.
I was excited to hear that a movie version of my favorite TV show was in production. But after reading that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum were to play the leads and that horror rocker Rob Zombie might direct the movie, I became apprehensive. Usually, when we hear about remakes of classics being made, we just know that they’re going to be bad. And in our world today of Jersey Shore and Justin Beiber, who knew what to expect with this?

Enemies in high School and best friends in the Police Academy, Jenko and Schmidt become park security guards after graduating. They are young and look like high School students. Because of this, they are then assigned to an undercover unit to bring down a deadly drug ring at a local high School.

With it’s Bad Boys-meets-John Hughes-style humor and explosive action, 21 Jump Street is never short on laughs, from beginning to end and is pure fun. This is definately a movie worth seeing. I’d say we’re even looking at this year’s Superbad. Who knew mainstream actors could be so funny?

The film also includes cameos from the original Jump Street gang, including the one and only Johnny Depp, that will blow your socks off.

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