Project X Proved Me Wrong

My friend and I went  to go see Project X opening weekend, but I really didn’t wanna see it. To me, it seemed like another stupid teen movie that didn’t really have a point. I had no idea by the end of the movie, I would be saying the total opposite.

Project X was actually all around funny. It had different types of sense of humor, so that it fed everyone’s “humorous appetite.” You will be laughing the whole time. The humor starts as soon as the opening scene.

This movie is also full of shock and very entertaining. The whole time everybody was screaming words like ” Oh my gosh!”, ” Woah!”, or simply letting out ” oooohhs and ahhhs.”  There was only about a 1-2 minute break between all of the audiance’s reactions. This movie was definitely one I will be able to watch at least five more times. Project X surely proved me wrong.


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