Titanic Sails Back Into Theaters

The movie's new theatrical release poster.

On April 4, the film that captured the hearts and imaginations of moviegoers everywhere returns to theaters in eye-popping 3D.

Many are familiar with the story of a poor boy, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a rich girl, Rose (Kate Winslet) who meet and begin a doomed romance during the also doomed maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

Paramount Pictures has said that the film is set to be re-released just 9 days shy of 100 year anniversary of the mighty Titanic set sail and struck that iceberg (and just over a month before Paramount’s 100th birthday.)

Director James Cameron has already confirmed: “We’ve tested it, seen a couple of minutes converted, and it looks spectacular.”

The film will also be re-released in a digital 2D version (for those of you who find 3D movies irritating.)

Surely, Titanic lovers, myself included, are in anticipation for the film’s arrival.

You can watch the trailer here.

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