Puro ‘Pinata Protest’

Local band Pinata Protest has caused quite a buzz within the local music scene. Fusing punk-rock with Tejano, polka sounds and accordion, the band stands as one of the most original and unique acts here in San Antonio.

Lead singer J.J. Martinez performs.

They were nominated Best Latin Alternative/Rock Band in the Current Magazine’s March 28-April 3 2012 Music Awards issue.  The muchachos de punk recently returned to SA from playing SXSW for the fourth year in Austin.  I spoke to drummer JJ Martinez who was glad to be home and excited to start working on new material and for their upcoming tour with Girl in a Coma.

Q and A with Pinata Protest‘s JJ Martinez

Q: You’ve just returned from playing SXSW for the fourth year in a row. How was it? Did you happen to catch any bands? A: We played 75 sets for our label’s Saustex Media showcase. Like always, it was a great experience. We got to see Pennywise, so that was pretty sweet.

Q: What are some bands or genres that have influenced you and the band? A: We all grew up liking different bands. Before Pinata, I was in two hardcore metal bands. Like the next kid from a Mexican household, our parents used to blast Spanish music and we hated it. But as we grew older, our appreciation for it did, too.

Q: Congratulations on your nomination for Best Latin Alternative/Rock Band by the Current. What does it mean to you to win this award and represent Mexican culture? A: We were incredibly honored to win the award. It means a lot to represent South Texas. It kinda comes natural I guess? (JJ chuckles) We work just as hard as any other band. While we’re proud to be a part of and display Mexican culture in SA, we don’t use it a a novelty. .. This is us, and this is what we love to do.

Q: Has much changed since the band’s popularity? A: It’s easier to get shows and we’re getting offered to play shows more. We opened up for The Adicts in February and that was such an awesome experience. It’s nice to open up for a big band like that and get exposed to even more fans who might not have heard of us before. We’ve met a lot of people and gathered fans, but all in all, we’re the same crazy Mexicans we’ve always been.

Listen for yourself

The band’s album Plethora and Plethora Reloaded is available on iTunes. You can leave comments on their Facebook, or check out their website.

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