Auditions End, Cast Chosen, Preparations on ‘The Crucible’

By: Nakya Mesa – Diaz

Starting Oct.25 at 7p.m. the play The Crucibles will perform in the outside set in the Lee Campus.

During Oct. 7 drama teacher Justin Tidwell, posted the cast of The Crucibles. Over of 50 people audition for a position in the play.

“They all did a great job thought the auditions,” he said. “That made it was very difficult to pick specific actor, because we have a lot of talent here in Allied Campus Theater.”

After cast members were confirmed to perform their specific roles, a strict rehearsal schedule was put into action.

“These actors attend practice every single day,” Tidwell said.

Justin Tidwell

As opening day gets closer and closer these young actors prepare with anticipation. This play will be taken place in an outside environment beginning Oct. 25, however the cast has encountered many obstacles along the way.

“Unpredictable weather and interruptions during rehearsal on our set are many of a few obstacles,” Tidwell said.

During the English class of junior or senior year students have the opportunity to read The Crucible.

“This play is a great way to bring the text to life and have a visual perspective of this unique book,” Tidwell said.


Kannon Hall was cast to play Abigail Williams, one of the most important roles in this dramatic performance. She claims that specific women/men are witches from the devil.

“Abigail Williams is the center of the play and the reason behind the whole plot,” Kannon Hall said.

Kannon Hall

Many actors have different ways in memorizing their lines from practicing with one another to simply reading the script;however Kannon Hall prepares a little different then most actresses she has two different effective ways.

“Because I’m so loud I separate myself from my family and isolate in my garage,” Hall said. “I read and perform as if there was a real audience in front of me. The second way that helps me learn my lines is repetition. The more I read it, the more hear it, and the more I say it is able transmit it into my mind.”

Starting Oct 25 the shows days for The Crucible are on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.Then on Oct 28 they have a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m.


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