Success for the Speech and Debate Team

by Lauralee Kalinec
Last weekend, the Lee High School Speech and Debate Team competed against 25  school from all over the state. The team left the competition at Madison High School with multiple individual awards, state qualifications, and a tie with Churchill High School for 1st Place Sweepstakes.
The following students received individual awards:
  • Student Congress:
    Jocelyn Hernandez – 3rd Place (state qualified)
  • Prose:
    Madeleine Stengel – 1st Place
  • Poetry:
    Kannon Hall – 6th Place
  • Novice Prose:
    Skye McDonald – 6th Place
    Ariana Sonsino – 8th Place
  • Novice Poetry:
    Steven Schwope – 1st Place
    Chris Heron – 3rd Place
    Ariana Sonsino – 7th Place
  • Duet Acting:
    Chris Heron/Steven Schwope – 1st Place (state qualified)
    Cosmo Albrecht/Kannon Hall – 5th Place
  • Duo Interp:
    Kelly Lester/Noa Barenblat – 2nd Place (state qualified)
    Cosmo Albrecht/Elise Woods – 4th Place (state qualified)
    Kannon Hall/Chris Heron – 5th Place (state qualified)
  • Dramatic Interpretation:
    Cosmo Albrecht – 2nd Place (state qualified)
    Noa Barenblat – 4th Place (state qualified)
If you see any of these students around campus, be sure to congratulate them on a job well done.
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