Do’s and Don’ts in Valentine Gifts- For Girls

By Elaine Briseno

As Valentines Day approaches and as you scramble for some last-minute gifts, there are some precautions to keep in mind while picking out your partners present. Here are some do’s and don’ts in Valentine’s gifts for girls:


Teddy Bear- Yes you may think every girl would love to walk around with a giant stuffed animal in their hands and snuggle with at night. Actually, this is a definite don’t. A teenage girl does not want to feel like a child with a bear bigger than her.

Bath products- Teen girls are not interested in bath soap, body gel, body wash etc. Its  new year and Christmas has already passed. Bath product are gifts older family member give teenage girls when they have no other idea what to get them. As a 16-year-old girl, I am personally tired of the fragrance filled bottles that I tuck away under the sink, that will never be used.


Jewelry- Buying a simple necklace, bracelet or ring can be surprisingly affordable. All it takes is a few dollars and a trip to an accessory store such as Forever 21, Claire’s, Serendipity

Edible gifts- This is always a win when struggling for a Valentine’s present. A box of candies, fruit, or any baked goods is always a good choice because every girl loves sweets, and gets a bit snack-ish through the day.

Gift Cards- Gift cards are a good present because you may know the persons favorite store, but you don’t know what they would like, or they are extremely picky. 

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