Mahomie Take Over

By Elaine Briseno

A new, 16-year-old, up and coming YouTube artist is widely known as San Antonio’s own, Austin Mahone. Mahone’s cover videos went viral in 2011 along with his stunning good looks. Usually referred as “The Next Justin Bieber,” Austin’s “Mahomies” went gaga over his newly released single “Say You’re Just a Friend” featuring Flo Rida.

The new hit single contains a fast beat throw back which was originally a 1989 comedic hip hop song by rapper, Biz Markie.

The collaboration with Flo Rida was the perfect concoction of pop and hip hop to melt every teenage girl’s heart.

This isn’t the only hit Mahone has had. “Say Somethin” also was very popular in the music industry.

Say You’re Just a Friend is available now.

See the music video of SYJF here.



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