Who Says Drinking & Driving Is Cool?

“Did you know that according to the U.S. Surgeon General, about 5,000 kids under 21 die every year as a result of underage drinking from crashes, homicides, and suicides?”

What makes teenagers feel like they are cool because they’re drinking alcohol? Do they think that just because they’re drinking, they are instantly popular and cool? There are so many questions that people can ask each other that relates to drinking. People even ask questions about teenagers drinking and driving. Do they not realize the danger and how much trouble they could cause? Do they not care about their actions and how they can affect others?

What is causing teenagers to drink? There has been talk that teenagers drink because of stress, school, relationships, and even depression. Is it really true though? Do teenagers just say that so that they can have an excuse to drink? There isn’t any excuse for any teenagers to drink alcohol. The only thing they should be drinking is either water, soda, or juice. Do teenagers not realize that drinking alcohol can lead to liver cancer? Teenagers need to realize that drinking isn’t a solution to any situation. Not only are teenagers drinking they are also driving while they are drunk. That shows that they really don’t think when they consume alcohol.

The main reason that teenagers decides to drink and drive is due to peer pressure. It isn’t really the pressure that make teenagers drink and drive. Teenagers feel the need to drink when they are the designated driver, and they don’t consider the consequences when they decide to drink.They probably feel like they are having an adrenaline rush when they decided to drink and drive. Every action there’s a reaction meaning that consequences are bound to happen due to irresponsible actions, and in this case the consequences are people either dying or someone is seriously hurt.

Statistics have shown that out of 100 percent, 70 percent of that, teenagers drink alcohol, and that 60 percent out of 100 percent the many deaths that occur in car accidents are due to someone drinking alcohol. “Teenage boys with a Blood Alcohol level of 0.05-0.10 (a figure below what most states consider the legally drunk level) are a staggering 18 times more likely to suffer a single vehicle crash than their non-drinking counterparts. Teenage girls at the same levels are incredible 54 times more likely to crash.”

Teens need to take caution when it comes to driving especially when they are drinking. Teens shouldn’t even drink in the first place because it is illegal. and it can cause great harm to the health. Teenagers love to drink especially when they are at parties and no matter how hard parents and even police try to stop parties that involves alcohol, teens still drink. There has been laws that says people can’t drink until they are the age of twenty-one. That doesn’t seem to faze teenagers though. They still find ways to get their hands on alcohol.  Teenagers should understand that drinking doesn’t make them popular, and it’s not cool.

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