Breakfast at Lee Should be More Forgiving

‘Hasta luego’  I hear as I pass the door into the cafeteria. Mr. Brown standing by the cafeteria lines telling us not to be late to class. The Lee breakfast when you’re late turn to the still healthy but less tasteful Pop-Tart, Nutra-grain bar, apple and milk. This happens to all the students who are late no matter what the situation.

This situation is fine, but not for those who are late due to the bus being late.

The regular breakfast is served from 8 to 8:30 then it switches which is unfair to those who ride the bus to school. The bus get to school at around 8:35 when the school has already stopped with regular breakfast and has switched to breakfast in a bag.

The stop of regular food stops some kids from eating and therefore doesn’t provide a good start to their day or their over all good performance in their class activities.

Therefore I think there should be an extended period of time for breakfast to 8:45 for late buses.

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