North Korea’s Threatens Destruction

North Korea plans to send destructive nuclear bombs to parts of the United States, but could this be just a test to see if we would retaliate?

North Korea’s actions could negatively affect both the United States and themselves. Resulting in a massive war between the U.S and North Korea.

People believe North Korea won’t send missiles into our territory, but our history with the North Koreans has not been quite great. So Kim Jong-Un( the North Korean Leader) will not be nervous to launch the missiles against the United states.

According to News reporters, the United States government has sent stealth bombers to North Korea to destroy some of the missile plants that North Korea has, but the U.S knows they have  more.

Fox News has many reports on the story of North Korea’s plans for the U.S. For example, North Korea has completed another missile test and is continuing their productions.


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