What’s ahead?

So what is expected for our football team?

A lot of wins or heartbreaking losses; meanwhile, are we going to have a winning program?

Let’s hope so.

“Well, for today’s game we didn’t have much of a game plan going in,” JV coach Danaher said. “About all the games we’ve played, we approached them as what we do for all. JV is not the biggest, fastest as all the others teams in the district. We are an all around team that plays hard everyday in practice and on the field. In the future going into the end of our season, we’re going to be a very sharp team with the young guys we have.”
JV Running back/ line backer Joey Velasquez is excited about his team and how they look.

“I think our team is the best, we get better everyday,” he said. “We are performing at a very high level, even though that teams have bigger players; and having more amounts of players on the team.”

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