The Last Ones

Yesterday, Nov. 7,  was the last pep rally for football season and was dedicated all seniors, as well as the varsity football players. The pep rally was held in the main gym and started around 8:00 a.m.

Local Fox news Station televised the pep rally.

A camera crew from the Fox 29 News Station records the Rebel Rousers before the pep rally starts.

Students from AVID show off their support and poster for the camera.

Cheerleaders, dancers and senior cheerleaders watch the performance while the Robert E. Lee mascot gets everyone hyped up.











Mom’s of cheerleaders and football players perform before the the pep rally ends.

Three seniors show off their Lee Spirit.

Mascot Robert E. Lee and the drum line perform live on T.V. before the pep rally.









Students from Jackson Keller Elementary were invited to the pep rally and they cheer on after being recognized by head coach Danny Kloza.

Cheerleaders perform before the pep rally ends.

(From the right) Maribel Castillon , Jana Hipsher, Jennifer Galindo, Mary Jacobie , John McCusker, Eileen Fowler, Gretchen Wickes and Cynthia Kosmo pose for a group photo.













The football game against Churchill was televised by CW35, at Heroes Stadium last night, from 7:30 p.m. to about 10:40 p.m. The score was 31 to 18.

Four JROTC students begin the game by walking down the field with the flags and camera men are televising them.

Players number 28, Joseph Ramos and number 85, Nick Lopez, start off the football game with a kick.

Senior cheerleader Katelyn Rivera throws a “prize” for someone in the stands to catch.












Students show off their Lee pride and a camera man catches it.

Player 12, Chris Rosado, listen to a coach off-field for instructions for the play.

“Hotdog boys” reach for a prize a cheerleader threw into the stands.










Number 24, Adrian Sanchez Barbosa, 46 Herbert Alas, 6 Brett Lamb and 88 Frank Barron and other players break from the huddle.

Dancers make their way out to the field before half-time.

Rebel Rousers end half-time with a splits.

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